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Searching for information on the history of Greeley, Weld County and northeastern Colorado? The Hazel E. Johnson Research Center, located in the Greeley History Museum’s lower level, is a top regional destination for researchers and genealogists alike. The center features over 100,000 items in its archival collection. Its staff can assist you with specific research questions. 

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Historic Preservation

Looking for information about Historic Preservation in Greeley? Visit the City  of Greeley’s Historic Preservation website.

The Hazel E. Johnson Research Center features an outstanding collection of historical documents and photographs. The center also has oral history interviews and transcriptions, videos, letters, diaries and other resources about pioneer families, businesses and communities in northeastern Colorado. There are maps from the late 1800s to present day, past editions of regional newspapers (on microfilm and in bound volumes), and other special collections that preserve and document our region’s rich history.

Researchers are welcome to contact the staff at the Hazel E. Johnson Research Center to schedule an appointment or inquire about the ability to access specific resources prior to visiting the center.

What to expect when you visit:

  • Pencils, paper and laptops are allowed in the research center.
  • Additional electronic devices may be used at the discretion of staff.
  • Photography has restricted uses, which will be outlined with you by research center staff.
  • The use of personal scanners are not allowed.
  • Latex-free or cotton gloves (provided) must be worn to view certain materials.
  • Bags and coats are not allowed at the research tables and can be stored nearby.
  • Wi-Fi is available in the research center.

For more information, call 970-336-4187 or email us at [email protected].

Weld on the Web

Weld on the Web is a collaboration between the City of Greeley Museums and the High Plains Library District and provides public access to about 2,500 archived images. These images can be used for various projects and queries. Contact the Hazel E. Johnson Research Center to purchase high resolution digital or print copies.

This project was made possible in part by the Institute of Museum and Library Services MA-30-13-0301-13.

Guide to Select Research Collections

1961 School Bus Accident Collection (2007.68): Records of the school bus accident of 1961, including newspaper and journal articles detailing the events of the accident; photographs of the wreckage and investigation; a scrapbook of the trial of the driver; a report of the accident that includes the names of the children who died and those who were injured; a letter from a senator regarding the accident; maps of the bus route and location of the accident; and the personal records of the railway drivers.

Abbett Collection (2012.106): This collection consists of pictures and photo albums of the Abbett family.  Also included are the last wills and testaments of Leonard G. Abbett and Faith Marie Abbett,birth and death certificates of Faith Marie Abbett, and an overview of James Scott’s family (James Scott is Clyde Abbett’s maternal Grandfather).

Abbett Collection 2 (2010.131): This collection consists of photographs of the Abbett and Scott families and James Scott’s pocket watch.

Allen Collection (1986.26): Approximately 75 typewritten manuscripts written by Grace Norcross Allen, including 25 which were intended for oral presentation at meetings of the Want-to-Know Club.  The collection also contains photographs, notes, and several pages of correspondence.

Al Moorman Collection (2008.13): Documents and photographs relating to the personal life and music career of Richard Allen “Al” Moorman.

Al Moorman Collection 2 (2013.29): Documents and photographs relating to the personal life and music career of Richard Allen “Al” Moorman.

AT&T Broadband Collection (2001.81): Created by GTV-8. Visually documents news, people and events in Weld County, with a focus on Greeley, Colorado, from 1989 to 2004.

Brockway Family Collection (2015.09): The collection includes photographs, newspaper articles, church service programs, a hair weaving, a marriage announcement, a wedding anniversary party invitation, an invitation to a high school reunion, a warranty deed, a certificate of discharge from the United States Army, an agricultural program, a letter, a certificate of election to City Council, and family genealogy, all in relation to the Brockway family.

Brownell Collection (2013.86): Correspondence, shipping manifests, legal documents pertaining to mining rights, estate, and land improvements, and photographs of the Brownell family.

Burton D. Sanborn Collection (2014.53): Consists of documents related to Sanborn and Houston, North Poudre Irrigation Company, John Sanborn, Burton D. Sanborn, and Carrie Bassett Sanborn. Subject matter related to water history in Northern Colorado.

Burton D. Sanborn Collection 2 (2014.72): Consists of letters written to Burton D. Sanborn and George Houston; newspaper articles pertaining to Houston’s business interests; photographs; incidental business-related items including office calendars and examples of business stationery; and an informational brochure on railroad routes in Colorado.

Busch Family Collection 1 (2017.118): Family photographs, newspaper clippings regarding the family, and a family genealogy. Also included are many letters written by the Busch children who served in World War II, containing information regarding their experiences during the war.

Camp Family Collection 1 (2015.45): numerous letters, photographs, historic documents, family histories, genealogy, and research notes related to Dr. Archibald Lacy Camp and his descendants.

Camp Family Collection 2 (2016.05): Family photographs; genealogy research completed by the donor, including the Camps in Georgia and Greeley and the various descendants of Archibald Camp; various personal items that belonged to family members; oral history interviews; and books that relate to the Camp family.

Camp Family Collection 3 (2016.37): family photographs; letters written by Charles Camp; documents relating to the Greeley farm owned by the Gooden family; souvenir spoons collected by Eulah Bickling; paintings by Rosealpha Camp; silverware that belonged to the Camp family; and various other documents relating to the Camp family’s life in Greeley.

Camp Family Collection 4 (2016.32): Family photographs and documents from Archibald Lacy Camp III; the banjo and mandolin that he played with various supplies, including strings and picks; a trunk that traveled from the United States to Hawaii; a shaving mug used by Archibald Lacy Camp III; and suspenders given to Archibald from Marie.

Camp Family Collection 5 (2016.16): 6 digital images of Archibald Lacy Camp’s lecture cards, matriculation card, his oath of allegiance to the Union, and an advertisement for his store in Covington, Georgia.

Camp Family Collection 6 (2016.45): Pastel painting of cherries spilling out of a basket onto a table; it is the only known surviving work created by Francena (Bickling) Gooden, signed and dated July 30, 1912.

Camp Family Collection 7 (2016.36): One ledger of Camp family business and income information with children’s drawings, as well as a family records chart with Camp family births, marriages, and deaths between 1794 and 1939.

Camp Family Collection 8 (2016.51): Consists of a Kestner doll, a baptismal gown worn by Archibald Carl Camp, a needlework sampler, and a game called “Little Bowler.”

Camp Family Collection 9 (2017.100): Consists of photographs, correspondence, certificates, photo albums, and graduation programs relating to Jeannette Senier Noxon and her family.

Camp Family Collection 10 (2017.103): Consists of Jeannette Senier Noxon’s diary from 1904 to 1908 while she was in Greeley, a photograph of Cornelia Senier with classmates at the Business College in Fresno, California, and a pocket book belonging to John Howell Senier.

Camp Family Collection 11 (2017.112): Consists of Camp family photographs and one letter on Red Bird letterhead with a horse breed certificate on the back.

Camp Family Collection 12 (2017.104): Consists of Camp and Arnold family photographs, a menu and advertisement for the Red Bird Café, a business agreement, an abstract of title, and a plat map for the Camp and Arnold family property.

Camp Family Collection 13 (2017.113): Consists of one pin and a commemorative coin from the Lewis and Clark Exposition in Portland, Oregon in 1905; a coin commemorating the 50th anniversary of the founding of Greeley, and Rosealpha’s autograph album. 

Carpenter Collection (2015.36): Consists of shareholder receipts, deeds, correspondence, documents, bylaws, a metal document container, and ledgers related to the Union Colony Company of Colorado and the Meeker Memorial Library Association.

City of Greeley Community Development Collection (2019.27): Maps and documents related to the planning of the City of Greeley from 1949 to 2002.

City of Greeley Water and Sewer Collection 1 (2013.81): Collection consists of photographs and documents relating to the the City of Greeley Water and Sewer Department.

City of Greeley Water & Sewer Collection 2 (2013.108): Engineering reports, bid proposals, sewage reports, correspondence, photographs, and notes related to the operations and construction of wastewater treatment facilities owned and operated by the City of Greeley from approximately 1935 to 1990.

Ed Ring Family Collection (2013.56): Includes documents, genealogy and images of the Ring, Kurtz, and Lind families and their descendants and related families by marriage. The Ring, Kurtz, and Lind families originally settled in the Windsor, CO area in the early 1900s.

Edwin J. Carver Family Collection (1984.51): Documentation related to the Edwin J. Carver Family, including genealogy, correspondence, business cards, and newspaper clippings.

First Baptist Church of Greeley Collection (2014.52): Photographs, albums, membership records, minutes, reports, and other documents regarding the First Baptist Church of Greeley.

Fisher Brothers Farming Collection (2013.43): Photographs of Fisher Brothers Farming operations including hay and grain processing from 1913 and 1939-1959; numerous photos of machinery; the Oscar Johnson farm in Peckham; the Royal McLeod farm west of Gilcrest; and images of male workers threshing.

Five Rivers Collection (2006.64): Collection documents Monfort of Colorado, Inc., which was a feed lot and meat packing plant in north Greeley, Colorado. Collection describes the operations of Monfort of Colorado, Inc., 1940-2005.

Florenz Hinz – Union Colony Civic Center Collection (AI-4218): Documents created and gathered by Florence Hinz pertaining to the Greeley Civic Theater and development of the Union Colony Civic Center in Greeley, Colorado.

Fortnightly Music Club Collection (2008.24): Collection of programs, photographs, slides, newspapers, manuscripts, financial records, and various documents for the Fortnightly Music club.

French – Woodbury Collection (2013.27): Collection consists of records gathered by coroner Edward P. House regarding the murder of Harry Woodbury and lynching of Wilbur D. French.

George Meredith Houston Collection (2014.13): Photographs, negatives, cards, newspaper articles, postcards, and correspondence from Houston’s personal life.  Also included in the collection are documents pertaining to Houston’s various business ventures, including the North Poudre Irrigation Company and his time in the State Senate. Business documents include leases, loans, investments, contracts, taxes, blue prints, business correspondence, ledgers, and wills.

Gillespie Family Collection (2015.30): Diaries, letters, photographs, newspapers, post cards and other documents and personal items relating to the Gillespie Family.

Gillespie Family Collection 2 (2015.21): Diaries, newspaper clippings, booklets, and many different papers that consist of mailings, Christmas letters, postcards, Christmas poems, memorial services announcements, and invitations.

Gilliland-Ravithis Collection (1981.04): Diaries, scrapbooks, clippings, and books belonging to members of the Meeker and Ravithis families with a primary focus on Maud Meeker Gilliland.

Great Western Sugar Company Collection (2013.30): Contains slides, photographs, and film reels relating to the Great Western Sugar Company’s agricultural research and beet processing practices from the 1950s through the 1980s.

Great Western Sugar Company Collection 2 (2010.41): Consists of 266 digital photographs of the demolition of the Great Western Sugar Company in 2008.

Greeley Abstract Company Collection (2014.79): Contains abstract of title booklets, insurance documents and endorsements, stocks, bills, receipts, correspondence, and notes issued or received by the Greeley Abstract Company.

Greeley Garden Club (2004.41): Newspaper articles, magazines, correspondence and thank you cards, registry of members, and lists of meetings and times for the Greeley Garden Club from 1979 to 1982.

Greeley High School Renovation Collection: Collection consists of 183 35mm color negatives pertaining to the 1984-1985 interior and exterior renovation of the 1895 Greeley High School building and its 1902 addition.

Greeley Tribune Collection (2014.51): Ledgers from the Greeley Tribune Company (Tribune-Republican Publishing Company) detailing accounting, payroll, subscriptions, expenditures, advertisements, and cash payments from different years. Documents including legal paperwork, letters, notes, receipts, contracts, etc. There are also objects in the collection, including a printing block from a printing press and three chases that are also for a printing press.

Greeley Woman’s Club (2000.63): Records of the Greeley Woman’s Club, 1920-2001.

Green-Heath Family Collection: Documents and images of William and Anna Green and their relatives and descendants, and Henry and Emma Heath and their relatives and descendants. Does not encompass the following materials: 3D objects, oversized archival materials, and materials that were part of the 1969.29 donation but cannot be connected to a specific family member.

Hawes-Amesse-Rockwell Collection (multiple accession numbers, see guide for listing): Collection of photographs, correspondence, diaries, genealogy, and documents pertaining to the Hawes, Amesse, and Rockwell families.

Harsh Family Collection (2013.109): Consists of documents, photographs, genealogy, and objects relating to the Harsh and Werkheiser Families. 

Hazel E. Johnson Bequest Collection (2003.16): The greater part of this collection consists of the scripts and manuscripts for the historical programs she presented to community groups from the 1960s until the end of the century. In addition to the finished manuscripts, there are several hundred clippings she identified variously as jokes, poems, or “philosophical tidbits” which she incorporated into her talks. Other items in this donation are letters, certificates, photographs and business records. The business records reflect her acquisition of artifacts which would tell the story of Weld County’s past

Henry Kurtz Military Collection (2012.116): Consists of documents, photographs, letters, and personal items related to Henry William Kurtz and his parents, William Kurtz and Eva “Effie” Elizabeth Frank Kurtz.

High Plains Library District Collection (2006.38): Photographs, negatives, correspondence and printed material produced by the High Plains Library District and Friends of the Lincoln Park Library.

Historic Preservation Collection (2013.98): Surveys of historical resources/buildings/sites conducted in Greeley, Weld County, Colorado.

Historic Preservation Collection 2 (2013.101): Correspondence, photographs, and newspaper clippings detailing renovations to the Gale House, Oak and Adams House, and Meeker Commons.

Historic Preservation Collection 3 (2012.111): 29 photographs of the Greeley Union Pacific Train Depot taken circa 1993, negatives of these photos, 5 slides of the depot and two slides of the McClenahan House, a nomination of the depot to the National Register of Historic Places, and a certificate of nomination.

Historic Preservation Collection 4 (2010.120): 52 black and white images of Warnoco Park; 13 archival pages containing historical background; one photo log; architectural drawings; and one archival CD containing 2 sets of the 52 black and white images.

Historic Preservation Collection 5 (2012.105): Negatives, slides, photos, reports, applications, pamphlets, and plat maps regarding the White-Plumb Farm and its nomination to be included on the National Register of Historic Places.

Historic Preservation Collection 6 (2007.97): Abstract of Titles for the Camfield House and Carlson House; application to the National Register of Hisotric Places for the Old Park Church; newspaper clippings related to the Old Park Church; and negatives, photographs, and slides of historic buildings in Greeley, CO.

Historic Preservation Collection 7 (2010.93): Contains a booklet entitled “7th Avenue Survey” which details the findings of a 2008 survey done of the area between 16th and 18th Streets and 6th and  8th Avenues in Greeley, CO; 48 Colorado Cultural Resource Survey Architectural Inventory Forms of individual houses in the survey area; and 237 photos of the surveyed properties.

Historic Preservation Collection 8 (2009.37): Photographs (487), negatives, and slides (12) of houses of historic interest in Greeley, CO; two booklets entitled “Greeley, Colorado:  History and Architecture of Its Downtown Buildings”; a pamphlet titled “Reminiscences of Early Days in Greeley”; documentation on the Greeley Tribune building; documentation on the Greeley Union Pacific Train Depot and its nomination to the National Register of Historic Places; and the Greeley Historic Register from 1996-2006.

Hunter Opera House Collection (2008.95): This collection consists of 75 programs from the Greeley Opera House (15 from 1906, 42 from 1907, and 18 of unknown date) and newspaper advertisements for two of the productions.

Hyde Family Collection (2017.47): Newspaper clippings, booklets, and many different papers that consist of letters, postcards, yearbooks, photographs, greeting cards, certificates, legal documents and memorabilia regarding the Hyde family.

Janet Worrall POW Camp (2006.31): Greeley, Colorado Prisoner of War Camp 202 research material created by Janet Worrall.

J. E. Snook Collection (2013.31): Photographs and documents related to the James Eugene Snook family.

Kate Slaughterback Collection (1987.32): Correspondence between Kate Slaughterback, Charles D. Randolph, and Kate’s friends and family members, newspapers and clippings about Kate’s encounter with a rattlesnake den in 1925, and photographs of the McHale family.

Keota Postmark Collection (2018.09): This collection consists of 35 stamped, postmarked, envelopes, cancelled with the Keota, Colorado stamp and 10 letters sent to family members. Also included in this collection are two miscellaneous cards, one describing the purpose of cancellations and one postcard also stamped with the Keota cancellation stamp.

Lew Dakan Collection 1 (2007.44): Photographs, negatives, and slides of Weld County, primarily aerials, including major construction projects such as Kodak in Windsor and the Weld County Centennial Center Complex in Greeley. Some portrait and still life photographs also included.

Lew Dakan Collection 2 (2013.21): This collection is a combination of wedding and family photos, plus photographs of businesses, farms, structures and area of Weld County, all taken by Mr. Lew Dakan between the years 1960-1989.

Lord Ogilvy Collection (1994.09): Clothing and accessories, personal records, publications, postcards, photographs, and legal documents belonging to Lord Ogilvy; most of the content is related to his ranching and real estate activities.

Mary Barnett Collection (2012.95): Related to Mary Barnett and Andy Barnett’s involvement in associations in Weld County, including Crow Valley Livestock Cooperative Association, Pleasant Valley 4-H Club (Lucky Seven 4-H Club), Home Demonstration Council, and the Prairie View Telephone Company.

Masonic Lodge Collection (2015.35): Meeting minutes, financial records, photographs, correspondence, member registers, visitor logs, and legal documents that chronicle the history of Freemasonry in and around Greeley, Colorado from the 1870s to about 2000.

Meeker Manuscript Collection (AI-4154): Consists primarily of correspondence, essays and clippings related to the Union Colony of Colorado, the Nathan Meeker family and the Meeker Massacre.

Nash Family Collection (2018.50): Consists of family documents and photo graphs of the Nash family. More specifically Hugh Nash, his early life and his fathers business, starting his own photography studio and his deployment to serve in World War II. 

North East Colorado Council of the Arts Folklorist Collection (2007.92): Consists of audio recordings related to the work done by Georgia Wier during her time as a Folklorist with the Colorado Council of the Arts. Other materials include photographs, slides, and negatives from events Georgia attended, program materials, reports related to her work as a folklorist, contracts, award panel books from when Georgia served on the panels, correspondence, surveys and assessments, and materials Georgia collected during her work in the filed including events she attended and research she had done.

Northern Colorado Latino Chamber of Commerce Collection (2013.79):Consists of documents relating to the activities of the NCLCC, including documentation on the effort to create the proposed Mercado project and other community activism projects undertaken by the NCLCC during the 1990s and early 2000s.

Order of the Easter Star Collection (2006.50): Garden City Chapter program booklets, invitations, correspondence, and newspaper articles.  Also included are various Weld County Republican Central Committee documents.

Reynolds Family Collection (2013.105): Collection mostly centers on Burrell C. Reynolds with various items from his parents, siblings, and children.  The collection contains photographs, newspaper articles, genealogy, funeral programs, a baby book, a telegram, a card, a letter to Hubert Reynolds, and a document from when Hubert was the postmaster of Greeley.  The collection also contains several 3D objects including a thimble, necklace, bracelet, clip-on earrings, a brooch, and two pencils.

Rhiner Collection 1 (2008.25): Letters and envelopes that were written by August Rhiner or to August Rhiner by his sister Ethelyne or his parents during his service in World War One. There is also one photograph in the collection that was included in one of the letters.

Rhiner Collection 2 (2014.24): Photographs of the T. P. Rhiner family including T. P. Rhiner, his wife Mary Jane Rhiner, daughter Ethylene Rhiner, son August Rhiner, and grandson Roger Rhiner.

Rice Family Collection 1 (2013.61): Photographs, newspaper articles, obituaries, funeral programs, a condolence card, and prints related to Ruth Rice and her family.

Rice Family Collection 2 (2013.50): Collection includes information about the ancestors and members of the Rice family spanning back to Johannes Friedrick Kurtz (d.1769) and Philip Busch (d. 1768). This collection also includes various memorabilia (clothing and toys), religious and non-religious books and paraphernalia, family genealogy, and papers related to the implementation of the Germans from Russia beet shanty at Centennial Village Museum.

Russell Hill Collection (1983.09): Photographs, newspaper clippings, and correspondence related to Russell Hill’s involvement in the Livestock Judging Contests, 1919-1921.

School Bus Accident 1961 Collection (2007.68): Consists of documentation related to an accident on December 14, 1961 between Union Pacific ‘City of Denver’ No. 111 train and a school bus carrying students to Delta School, Arlington Elementary School, Meeker Junior High School, and Greeley High School in Weld County.

School Bus Accident 1961 Collection 2 (2008.18): Photographs, slides, audiotapes, and presentation notes related to the accident involving a Greeley/Evans school bus and a Union Pacific train in 1961.

Sertoma Club Collection (2012:118): Photographs of club activities, with correspondence and information regarding club functions.

Shwayder Research Collection (2013.55): This collection is meant to both convey Shwayder’s process of research and preserve its products. To that end, the collection retains dozens of folders of source material and handwritten notes she used, many in their original order and with their original titles.

Sidney Baldridge Collection (2003.65): Photographs, Abstract of Assessments, event programs, booklets, club materials, a business license, and a preliminary report on Greeley Recreation activities. Materials relate to Sidney Baldridge and his involvement in agriculture, gardening, and the Greeley Gladiolus Festival.

Skeets Calvin Collection (2000.04): Photographs, negatives, slides and documents related to the photography career and personal photography pursuits of Skeets Calvin.

Social Science Circle Collection (2006.49): One ledger dated 1973-1986 with newspaper clippings, programs, and meeting minutes, sixteen Social Science Circle program booklets dating from 1965-2001, a bank statement dating from 1987-1993, and seven photographs ranging from 1908 to 2001.

Southard and Gillespie Collection (2012.112): Consists primarily of correspondence, clippings, diaries, photographs, and programs belonging to various members of the Southard and Gillespie families.

Southard and Gillespie Collection 2 (2013.53): Newspapers, clippings, photographs, and other documentation pertaining to the Southard and Gillespie families, with emphasis on the careers of Samuel H. Southard and Judge Charles E. Southard in the Weld County Government.

Tegtman Family Collection (2018.06): Consists of several Tegtman family photographs, a baby book for Kenneth Tegtman, a school memory book for Catherine Tegtman Hendrickson, a manuscript written by Kenneth Tegtman about plant life in the Rocky Mountains, and a Tegtman family photo album.

Union Colony Civic Center Collection 1 (2016.21): Photographs, negatives, newspapers, programs, publications, and invitations surrounding events at the Union Colony Civic Center. Several stages of the construction of the building were extensively photographed along with several of the first events and the fundraising for the building. Seasonal programs for the events at the UCCC range from 1988-2004.

Union Colony Letters Collection (2014.14): Consists of correspondence in response to Nathan Meeker’s “call” to join the Union Colony.

Union Colony Letters Collection 2 (2014.15): Collection consists of digital letters and images, correspondence and envelopes, wedding invitations, calling cards, a ticker tape, and admittance.

Union Colony Maps and Letters Collection (2017.117): Consists primarily of correspondence between Nathan Cook Meeker, Union Colony of Colorado founder, and J. P. Cranford, Brooklyn construction magnate and investor. The collection includes sixteen letters and notes, as well as six manuscript maps and four other documents. The maps provide a detailed view of the Colony and town in their earliest years and at various scales.

Union Colony Pioneer Society Collection (AI-4827): Letters, membership certificates, newspaper clippings, rosters, programs, booklets, and memorabilia concerning the Union Colony Pioneer Society of Greeley, Colorado.

Valadez Collection (1992.44):  Business records related to the functioning of the Valadez Shoe Shop, along with personal documents of the Valadez family (primarily belonging to Norberto Valadez) found with these records.

Want to Know Club (1994.34): Consists primarily of speeches presented by Elizabeth Welling to the Want to Know Club in Greeley, Colorado from 1951 – 1976.

Want to Know Club 2 (1983.19): This collection consists of original records books, scrapbooks and yearbooks of the WTK Club collected and preserved by club members from 1885 to 1981 (not all materials are complete to 1981). A small number of photographs are separate from the scrapbooks. The collection also includes microfiche copies of the records books.

Want to Know Club 3 (2015.50): This collection consists of original records books, and memorabilia of the 125th Anniversary of the WTK Club collected and preserved by club members from 1976-2015.

West Family Collection (2012.104): The collection contains photographs, booklets, deeds and wills, short stories, poems, brainteasers, notes, newspaper clippings, letters, and a testimonial booklet; the majority of documents focus on the West family.

White-Plumb Collection 1 (2016.34): This collection consists of various books and a map from the Plumb family. There are a variety of books including bibles, yearbooks, novels, books on spelling, grammar, and literacy, historical fiction and nonfiction, poetry, and drill books for soldiers, and farm manuals.

Wiegel Collection 1 (2007.47): Consists of digital images and videos of Weld County events and places photographed by Don Wiegel with a primary focus on Greeley. Also included are non-permanent collection images of City of Greeley Museums’ sites and events for institutional record.

William R. Kelly Collection (AI-4200): Historical materials related to the development of significant water irrigation projects in Northern Colorado.  Collection includes information related to the Cache La Poudre Irrigation Company, Big Thompson Irrigation Project, water law, and numerous writings and speeches produced by William Kelly.

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