Do you like history and antiques? Working with children and adults? Have some spare time? Want to meet new people and get involved in the community? Then consider volunteering at the City of Greeley Museums.

Our museums offer many different opportunities for those who want to volunteer. A multitude of interests and skills can be showcased at one of our four sites, either behind the scenes or working with the public. Volunteers can research, catalog and preserve artifacts, participate in demonstrations at Centennial Village, or design, build and maintain exhibits. Serve your community while exploring the past and learning new skills.

All volunteer positions receive training and support. Volunteers 55 and older are encouraged to ask about the RSVP program, which provides extra insurance during volunteer activities.

Responsible for handling two-dimensional artifacts such as maps, photographs and documents. Projects may include genealogy research, creating finding aids, transcribing oral histories, cataloging and digitizing documents and photographs.

Required Skills: Must be computer literate and have excellent attention to detail.
Required Availability: At least twice a month for a minimum of two hours each time.

Responsible for sorting, researching and documenting museum artifacts. Potential projects include helping process incoming loans or donations, taking photographs, sewing object mounts, filing research material, or writing condition reports of artifacts.

Required Skills: Must be computer literate, have attention to fine detail, good written, verbal and communication skills, legible handwriting, ability to work alone for a long period of time, have a positive attitude, and physically able to lift up to 20 pounds.
Required Availability: At least once a week for a minimum of two hours each time, Monday-Friday between 9am-5pm.

Demonstrate crafts and skills and share stories from local history in historic costume at Centennial Village and other museum sites. Projects include presenting historic material to local students, giving tours of museum sites, and teaching and assisting with summer camps.

Required skills: Experience with public speaking and desire to converse with public, ability and patience working with children, be flexible, and have a positive attitude.
Required Availability: Much of our Living History work takes place in the late spring, throughout the summer, and in early fall.

Assist in creating, designing and building exhibitions focused on the museums’ mission, artifacts and educational goals. Projects may include, constructing, painting and mounting exhibit furnishings; sculpting mannequins; and researching, writing, designing, constructing, and printing of exhibit panels and labels.

Required skills: Ability to work with a team, have a positive attitude, ability to lift at least to 20 pounds of weight.
Desired Skills: Computer literate and either experience with or interest in learning to work with construction tools.
Required Availability: At least once a week for a minimum of two hours each time.

Junior Volunteers are welcome to help with most of the above opportunities. The museums’ staff do their best to accommodate schedules of both homeschooled and traditional school students and consider it one of our major missions to mentor young history enthusiasts.

Required ages: Between 12-17 years-of-age. Over 18 is an adult volunteer.
Required skills: Desire to work with a team and a positive attitude.
Required availability: Depending upon the volunteer job, at least once a week for a minimum of two hours each time and possibly weekends at our living history site.

Help with large museum events throughout the year. In addition to living history demonstrations at events, volunteers are often needed to help with set up, clean-up, and hospitality.

Required skills: Desire to work with a team and a positive attitude.
Required availability: Depending upon the event, a minimum of two hours each date of an event, which often can include weekends at our living history sites.

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