FOR RELEASE: Greeley, CO — The Greeley History Museum is proud to present “Unmentionable: The Indiscreet Stories of Artifacts” from August 24, 2019 to July 14, 2020. The exhibition explores some of the unusual, icky, disturbing, awful, uncomfortable and surprising artifacts from the museum’s collection.

The exhibition is about looking at artifacts in a different way. We can acknowledge that artifacts help tell the history of a community in some way, but also recognize that the story is not always a pleasant, happy one. Conversely, some artifacts are just downright gross or uncomfortable and are rarely displayed because of that. All together in one place, these artifacts make an intriguing statement about our history and how and what museums collect. Some of the artifacts on display include a necklace made of human hair and a photo of doctors performing neurosurgery at the Greeley Hospital in 1953.

For more information about the exhibit, visit or call 970-350-9220.

“Unmentionable: The Indiscreet Stories of Artifacts” is modeled on the exhibition from the Hayward Area Historical Society in Hayward, CA and facilitated by Exhibit Envoy.


For more information contact:
Holly Berg, Curator of Exhibits
City of Greeley Museums
(970) 336-4184

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