On Wednesday, April 6, students from Roosevelt High School came to Centennial Village to help with our acreage. They were so helpful! The students had many different skill levels and the staff connected with them at their level. Many students commented how much fun they had even though they were working while several others mentioned they usually didn’t spend that much time outside!

So to this great staff, thank you:
Randy Smith – Randy dug up a volunteer tree and had a student pull it out of the ground.  When that young man managed to pull the tree out, all the other students cheered and his face lit up.  It was certainly a high point of his day.
Scott Chartier – Scott patiently showed students how to use a shovel to dig up weeds, root and all.  The students were so excited when they dug up clumps of grass.   He also talked to them about job opportunities in gardening and landscaping.
Ann Abbath —  Ann set up and prepared a delicious meal for all of us. (And then cleaned it all up!)  Many of the students commented how good the food was and thanked her.  They really liked the brownies and the cuties!  Ann also got the restrooms ready for the season.  Ann always takes care of the functional details that the rest of us miss.
Barry Alvarado – I don’t know how many loads of weeds and trash Barry took to the Dumpsters!  And students felt strong and important when he asked them to help lift trash cans onto the wagon.  Barry also handled the logistics of getting tools, peat, compost, trash cans… to the locations where they were needed and then put away where they belong.
Cathy Bloom – A lot of students were interested in the animals and Cathy patiently described what working with them would involve.  At lunch time, one young man said how much he enjoyed moving dirt and using the tamper to level out some of the animal pens.  He said that he wanted to be a farmer when he grew up and do that kind of work all of the time.
Penny Byassee and AQ – Supervised the group in Hanna Square, showing them what was a weed and what wasn’t and the best way to put down peat and compost.
Katie Ross – Though not regularly a Centennial Village staff member, Katie helped sort and label tools and figure out which tools would be needed in which areas.  She had to be in the research center on Wednesday, so she cleaned up beds near the depot and school on Monday.

Thank you again! Seeing the ways you worked with Roosevelt’s students with care and understanding helped me remember why I enjoy working with you.

Written by Susan Dyer, Maintenance and Archives Assistant

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