By Nicole Famiglietti, Curator of Exhibits

The City of Greeley Museums collect, preserve, interpret and share the history of northeastern Colorado with an emphasis on Weld County through three public museums and a learning center. As a local system of regional history museums, we hope to create spaces that are meaningful to the community.

In order to better understand our community and what they want from their public museums, we are starting a community panel series.

What is a community panel?

A community panel is an opportunity to gather insights in a group setting. We want to hear about our participants and what they think about their museum experience. After a complimentary visit to one of our museums, participants will gather into a group with a museum staff-led moderator. The moderator will facilitate a discussion to help museum staff learn from your experiences.

There are a few questions we might pose. For example, what kinds of exhibitions should we bring to Greeley? What might you look for in a museum visit? These are just a couple of things we want to hear from you. More importantly, our focus is to collect feedback from a variety of community members including those who have never visited one of our museums. All information submitted in the survey is confidential and we will only contact those that have been selected to participate in one of our panels.

These types of panels allow us to gather different groups of people and spend time learning about what they value, how they like to spend their free time and what we can do as a community organization to assist.

To be chosen for one of our panels, you first have to be entered into our pool of candidates.

Please complete our brief online survey. Once received, we will review and select participants who will be invited to visit one of our museum sites free-of-charge. Panel participants will spend some time with us after their visit to discuss their experience… and we may also have some goodies for you to take away after the experience.

In the end, your feedback will be used to create a more meaningful museum experience for everyone.


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