FOR RELEASE: Greeley, Colorado — A national traveling exhibition created by the Museum of Danish America opens at the Greeley History Museum, 714 8th St. The exhibit begins Saturday, February 2, and runs through Saturday, July 20. “Skål! Scandinavian Spirits” presented by Aalborg and Linie Aquavits, shares the history and traditions of drinking culture in Sweden, Norway and Denmark and how those traditions came to the United States with immigrants. The exhibit focuses on beer and aquavit, the traditional booze of Scandinavia that translates as “the water of life.”

Scandinavians have brewed beer for over 1,500 years. The Norse god Odin was credited with teaching humans how to brew beer. Drinking beer was often involved in worship and in offerings to deities. Beer was also part of battle victory celebrations and drinking challenges.

In the 1500s, distilled liquor became known through Scandinavia as a medical cure-all. Early distilling efforts often produced awful flavors. Herbs and other plants were used to improve the taste creating what is now known as aquavit. The main flavor of aquavit, according to the European Union, should be caraway or dill. The taste of this Scandinavian spirit has been described as “rye bread in liquid form.”

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