Greeley History Museum’s newest exhibit, “ReFashioned: Giving Objects a Second Life,” celebrates the creative reuse of objects and the resourcefulness of past Weld County residents through a diverse selection of artifacts sourced from the City of Greeley Museums’ collections.

The exhibit runs through August 26, 2023, at the Greeley History Museum, 714 8th Street.

Giving Objects a Second Life

“ReFashioned” displays objects based on how previous owners chose to repurpose them, whether as household items, clothing, or converted into art. The exhibit invites visitors to brainstorm “what comes next?” with an interactive game and share their own refashioned story on an interactive sticker wall.

Repurposing Throughout History

The exhibit draws inspiration from past and modern slogans, such as “Make Do and Mend” and “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.” Since at least the early 1900s, slogans like these encouraged people to use less for themselves, others, and the world.

During times of scarcity, people repurposed items because they had to. Early Greeley residents had to make or bring everything they needed to survive. Those living during the Great Depression and Dust Bowl made do with what they had because they couldn’t afford to buy new items.

During the World Wars, the inspiration to reduce and reuse came from patriotism. People donated used items like nylon stockings and old tires to help the war effort, carefully used rationed goods, and found substitutes whenever they could.

In the 1960s and 70s, people started to worry about pollution. Saving the planet became the new inspiration for reducing waste. Today, the trend of reducing, reusing, and recycling is as popular as ever, but it also comes with dire warnings about the state of our environment.

About the Greeley History Museum

The Greeley History Museum showcases and preserves Greeley and Weld County’s history through permanent and temporary exhibitions, educational programs, research, and collections. Check out the museum’s main exhibit, “Utopia: Adaptation on the Plains,” and then head over to one of the museum’s other galleries, which include rotating themes throughout each year.

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