As the City of Greeley Museums continues to build and manage an impressive collection of valuable Weld County-related artifacts, items are sometimes identified that fall outside the City of Greeley Museums’ mission. In those instances, an item will be deaccessioned or permanently removed from the Museums’ collection. An item might be deaccessioned if it lacks a Weld County connection, is duplicative, has irreparable damage, or cannot practically be restored or used.

Before deaccessioning an item, museum staff follow Museum policy and Museum standard practices when assessing an item, and will always exercise thoughtfulness and care to respect the intent of the original donation.

Whenever possible, deaccessioned items are offered to other museums or cultural institutions.

As a representative of a museum or cultural institution interested in any of the deaccessioned or declined items listed below, we ask that you contact City of Greeley Museums Curator of Collections via email or by calling 970-350-9219.

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Greeley History Museum

In the 1920s, many Hispanic families from the American southwest began to migrate to the Greeley, Colorado region to work at the Great Western Sugar beet factory. To stay warm during the cold winters in northern Colorado, they brought with them the technique of adobe architecture to construct their homes. The benefits of constructing their houses out of adobe ensured that the home would stay warm in the winter and cool in the summer. The Spanish Heritage House at the Centennial Village Museum is a great example of this incredible architecture in Greeley, Colorado. ... See MoreSee Less

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