Filmmaking and Cowpunching

As the nineteenth-century came to a close, a rush of nostalgia for the “Western Frontier” captivated America. Cowboy filmmaker Charles Camp is one example of this. The films he produced, the “first and only ones ever made of a real Wyoming round-up,” represent some of...

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Angels in Black: Victorian Women in Mourning

The death of loved ones has always been a difficult subject throughout history. During the Victorian period, however, it took on new significance. After Prince Albert died in England in 1861, Queen Victoria, his devastated wife, lived the rest of her life publicly...

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The Beginnings of Bicycles in Greeley

During the 1870s the “high wheeled bicycle” was invented. It was also known as the “penny farthing” or the “ordinary”. While it had two-wheeled predecessors, the high wheel was the first all metal contraption to be dubbed a bicycle. Bicycles in the 1870s were rare in...

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50+ Years Ago, Greeley’s Teens Cruised a Bustling Downtown

What did teenagers do for fun in Greeley, CO, in 1959? Greeley’s downtown featured every type of retail business within a five-block radius of Lincoln Park, including three bakeries, five beauty shops, six men’s clothing stores, seven drug stores, eight grocery...

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Greeley’s Shattered History: Three Infamous Hail Storms

The June 19, 2018 hailstorm that damaged many homes, vehicles, trees, gardens and field crops was a reminder that hail, unfortunately, is a predictable part of Greeley’s and northeastern Colorado’s history. Greeley’s first hailstorm was in July 1871, but was eclipsed...

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Cool Off with this Brief Local History of Ice and Ice Cream

Did you know that ice cream was once considered a luxury? Or did you know that in early Greeley, it would have probably been enjoyed in the winter? Ice cream is such an iconic summertime treat, that it is hard to imagine someone would go to great effort and expense to...

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Severance Vigilantes Act Out Against Pro-German Sentiment

On April 6, 1917, Congress declared war on Germany and America entered World War I. At this time, several thousand Germans-from-Russia lived in Weld County, many having arrived after 1902 to work as “stoop laborers” in the sugar beet fields. These immigrants were...

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Two Buildings, Two Churches, Many Stories

The building at 803 10th Ave. is quite important to Greeley’s religious history. Currently the home of Saint Patrick’s Presbyterian Church, the site underwent many changes throughout its history that can be traced back to the Union Colony. Old Park Church was one of...

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1920 City Improvement Plan

What did City of Greeley residents feel were important issues the city should focus on? Here's a snapshot of issues from Greeley's 1920 City Improvement Plan, a 10-year program endorsed by the Greeley Chamber of Commerce. Organize a campaign to do away with rats? Own...

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In the Greeley Museums’ collections is an egg-shaped piece of stone that is reportedly over 966 years old. During the reign of Louis V who ruled 966-986, some women believed that having cool hands signaled a warm heart. If a lady was introduced to a man who kissed her hand, or the lady shook hands with a man, she held a chilled, egg-shaped glass stone in her hand, with the belief that a cold hand meant a warm heart. Shown from the Museums’ collections is a darning egg, similar in shape to the egg-shaped piece of stone. A darning egg was used by a lady of the house for a far less romantically inclined activity—mending a hole in her beloved’s socks! ... See MoreSee Less

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